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Whatever you want to do in life, higher education is a valuable investment that will open the doors to a wealth of career choices. Our student-centric philosophy of education aims to develop the student's expertise and knowledge in a supportive and stimulating environment, and see them on the right course to their future..

When GBIMS was born about a decade ago, I was as prouds a parent of a new-born can be. What we went through that time was a mixed bag of emotions: pride, joy, trepidation and course a great sense of responsibility.

It is this sense of responsibility that has guided us this far, through every moment of our journey till here. We made a commitment to provide 'education that works', and this principle underpins everything we do. In these eight years, we have established a strong reputation in the region and beyond, by developing an excellent environment that enables our students to recognize and nurture their potential.

We are eight years old, and too young to sit on our laurels or get complacent about our responsibility. And we are pardonably proud to see our achievements thus far. We also realize that this success has come through a strong emphasis on taking on complete responsibility for preparing our students for a professional life. In this process we have created a range of initiatives that help our students to prepare for a career and develop the skills that will make them good employees, employers, friends, partners...

Vaibhav Kumar , Chairman


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